Our Activities

1. Processing and Analysis of data related to Ocean, Geology and Satellite image. 

  • Hydrographic surveys data processing
  • Seismic data processing, analysis
Research under the land
  • Digitization of geographic image
Research of the coast

2. Software development related to Ocean, Geology and Satellite image.

  MD_32.png MarineDiscovery Research on the sea floor
  LampyridEye_32.png LampyridEye Research under the sea floor
  SD_icon_32.png SoundingDiver
SDONLINE_icon_32.png Mito Oshie
Research in the sea
  Visual3DX_32.png Visual3DX  
  icon_visualweb_32.png OHTI Visual Web  
  icon_soundpro_32.png OHTI SoundPro DB  
  • Satellite image analysis software

Research on the land

Research on the sea

3. Design, development, management and sale of research equipment related to Ocean, Geology and Satellite image.

  ship2-32.png Shipboard Electronic Balance  
  slick_sleuth_logo_mini.jpg Oil Spill Monitor