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 About Mito Oshie

Mito Oshie Catalog (PDF)

Mito Oshie is a realtime data mapping software for survey support, which can display in the realtime 2D or 3D mapping data acquired from various equipment such as multi beam sonar or rider and IMU and GNSS sensor. This software also has maneuvering support function such as guide survey lines.

Mito Oshie has features as below.

  • Real time 3D display of underwater sound data, plain view, sectional view
  • Recording and replay underwater sound data
  • Maneuvering assistance to properly record underwater sound data
  • Overlay view of design drawing, some maps, ENC (option) etc.
  • Various filters of underwater sound data (range filter, sound pressure filter, etc.)
  • Simultaneous recording with Lidar by SoundingLidar function (optional)

The Software is named after old japanese name of a port pilot in Niigata area, Mito (Water Channel) Oshie (Pilot).


  • Main Window (Maneuvering view)
  • Display underwater acoustic data graphically


Underwater acoustic image can be displayed graphically in real-time while underwater acoustic data is acquired.

  • Display the underwater acoustic data of the longitudinal section of each beam


Longitudinal section of the specified beam can be displayed in real-time while underwater acoustic data is acquired.

  •  Display underwater acoustic image three-dimensionally


Bathymetric image, underwater acoustic image, longitudinal section of the specified beam can be displayed three-dimensionally in real-time while underwater acoustic data is acquired, respectively.

 Main features of Mito Oshie
■ Data Acquisition    

Data of the narrow multibeam made of Kongsberg Corporation can be stored. Format of the recorded file is ALL file. 

■ Display underwater acoustic image graphically  

Display graphically an underwater acoustic image created from recording file.

  • Swath image
  • Cross-sectional images
  • Track, shaded relief image
  • Three-dimensional image



■ Playback of underwater acoustic image  

 The recording data can be played back.

■ Operating environment    
   OS Windows 10, 11 (64 bit)
  CPU Intel Core i7 6700K or above
  Memory 32 GB or more
  SSD 1 TB or more, NVMe recommended
  Graphics board NVIDIA RTX3070 or above
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT or above
  Peripherals  CD-ROM, Keyboard, Mouse
  Monitor Resolution: 1280×1024 or higher
Number of colors: True Color 32 bit or higher

Mito Oshie Catalog (PDF)