3D Visualization Software

for Marine Resources and Geoscience

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 About Visual 3DX

Visual3DX-6 Catalog (PDF)

Visual3DX is ideal software to bundle for Geospatial data that visualizes Bathymetric data obtained by multibeam echo sounders, Sidescan sonar images, Gravity data, Magnetic data, Physical data, and SBP images obtained by subbottom profilers in the three-dimensional space.

Visual3DX-7 newly supports input of speed structure data and core data.

  • Displays complex geospatial datasets in the three-dimensional space
  • Display of a cross-sectional view
  • Changes image scale (extension reduction and rotation), and also moving viewpoint as if maneuvering a flight simulator
  • Exports high-resolution bitmap images
  • Creates animations by easy and visible operation
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 Main Use of Visual 3DX

3D still images and animations created by Visual3DX recommend for bundle of Geospatial data.

  • Presentation at conferences
  • Journal manuscript
  • Exhibitions, Web pages


 Main features of Visual 3DX
■ 3D view of observation and analysis data
  • Displays 3D view by using Mercator or TM projection.
  • Drapes gravity and magnetic data to the 3D surface and displays by color coding. 
  • Sidescan and remote sensing images can be overlaid on the bathymetry surface.
  • SBP images can be set 0-100% transparency.
  • Displays multiple boundary surfaces in 3D view.
  □ Image optimization
  • Fix resolution mode
  • Adjustable resolution mode (optimal resolution for distance from the viewpoint)

In each mode, optimized display can be achieved by calculating available amount of graphic board memory.

  □ Changing image scale, and moving viewpoint as if like a flight simulator
  • Displays flying view by using a keyboard and mouse as a yoke.
 ■ Display of a cross-sectional view
  • Set any of the section line, and displays a cross-sectional view
 ■ Exporting high-resolution images  (camera output function)
 ■ Creating animation
  • Reference frame of animation viewpoint can be created in a main window.
  • Editing time interval of the animation, mouse operation or keyboard input can be selected.
  • Editing animation viewpoint, heading, angle and altitude, mouse operation, keyboard input, or text input can be selected.
  • Animation viewpoint can be adjusted visible. 
  • Animation route can be confirmed in the ground plan and cross section.
  • The size of output images can be set up to 1280 × 960 pixels.
  • Frame rate (output frames/second) can be set 1/s - 60/s.
 ■ Other various functions
  □ Manage input file for each layer
  • Setting and saving display range, color and transparent of input files. Maximum of layers is 50.
  □ By the coloring table editing function, edit the color of the input data on the screen and save
  • Import color palette file (*.cpt) created by Generic Mapping Tools (GMT)
  □ Display of mark and placard
  •  Setting placards position, size, text, and color
  □ The 3D information window, to manage the following information
  • Speed control of flight simulator
  • Visible/invisible for Navigator
  • Latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, pitch and roll of viewpoint
  • Vertical exaggeration
  • Light source setting
  • 3D frame
  • Drawing back of topography
 ■ Importable data
Bahymetric data, Boundary surface data     NetCDF
Gravity, geomagnetic data NetCDF
Earthquake mechanism solution  strike, slope, sliding direction
SSS images, Remote sensing images
SBP images, Water column images
jpg or bmp
Geophysical information XYZ, CSV 
Velocity structure data
Core data
■ Exportable data
3D still images bmp, 3D pdf
3D animations avi
■ Operating environment
  OS Windows 10, 11 (64 bit)
  CPU Intel Core i7 2600K or above   
  Memory 8 GB or more
  Hard disk 50 GB or more
  Graphic board Supports DirectX 9.0c and above
  Monitor Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher
Number of colors: True Color 32 bit or higher

Visual3DX-6 Catalog (PDF)