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 About Sounding Diver

SoundingDiver8 Catalog (PDF)

SoundingDiver can display graphically swath like water column information acquired by a multi-narrow beam echo sounder. It is possible to visually detect floating matter in water, and it is effective for detecting hot water ejecta, spring water and fish school etc.

SoundingDiver8 newly supports recording files of ARIS on import.

  • Graphical underwater acoustic image
  • Three-dimensional display of underwater acoustic image

  • Level correction of underwater acoustic image

  • Specify display beam and range


 Main features of Sounding Diver
■ Display underwater acoustic image graphically  
   Display graphically underwater acoustic image created from multibeam files.
  • Swath image
  • Cross-sectional image
  • Track, shaded relief image
  • Three-dimensional image
■ Free adjustment of image level, the number of beams, range, water depth width for the underwater acoustic image


■ Import of external files
  It's possible to read positioning data or acoustic profile data from external files.
■ Position indication 
  It's possible to measure the location in the underwater acoustic image.
■ Simple 3-dimensional display
   Display three-dimensional underwater acoustic image, superimposed on track and bathymetric data.
■ Extraction of water physical information 
   Display 3-dimensional preview of extracted water physical information


■ Noise removal of underwater physical information
  It's possible to remove noise in the underwater physical information by an eraser tool.
■ Batch output of underwater acoustic image
   By using setting of a display, you can batch output the underwater acoustic image from multiple files, . 
■ Video output of underwater acoustic image
   Continuous Swath cross section video can be created by using one Swath underwater acoustic image as one flame.
This video can be played 3-dimensionally by our Visual3DX. 
■ Input data file format
  ARIS ARIS acquisition files
Hydrosweep acquisition files
EM series acquisition files
  R2S Sonic series acquisition files 
Seabeam series acquisition files 
  Ping3D Acquisition files for SoundingDiver3


■ Output data file format
  Bitmap Swath image / Cross-sectional image / Wake image / Three-dimensional image
  CSV Water physical information
  AVI Continuous cross section video of underwater acoustic image


■ Operating environment
  OS Windows 10, 11 (64 bit)
  CPU  Intel Core i7 6700K or above
  Memory 8 GB or more
  Hard disk 50 GB or more
  Graphics board GeForce GT610 or Radeon HD6450, or more
  Peripherals  CD-ROM, Keyboard, Mouse
  Monitor  Resolution: 1280×1024 or higher
Number of colors: True Color 32 bit or higher

SoundingDiver8 Catalog (PDF)