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 About Shipboard Electronic Balance

 Shipboard Electronic Balance System Pirka Catalog (PDF)

The Shipboard Electronic Balance System “Pirka” is a system that can weigh samples with an accuracy of milligrams or micrograms by using two electronic balances for a correction of swaying at the location like shipboard.

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 Main usage of Pirka
  • Weighing of samples on swayed location, such as a research ship at sea.
  • This system has three versions, weighing about g, mg and μg scale.
  • Weighing of powder samples by using a tare function.
 Overview of Pirka


 Mechanism of Pirka
  • One of the two electromagnetic force equilibrium equationbalancesis used for reference balance and another one is used for weighing balance.
  • The weight value of the sample is calculated by fitting output valuetothe calibration curve, which is made in advance by using the reference weights on the weighing balance.
  • The weight value is determined bysetupof the convergence condition because balance output value varies at swayed location.
 Main features of Pirka

Calibration software (EdtClb)


This software creates a calibration curve and outputs file.
The calibration curve is calculated from output voltage difference between the reference balance and the weighing balance, and used for the swaying correction.
The range of the calibration curve and the reference weighing point can be set arbitrary.
The creation process of the calibration curve can be checked with the calibration result graph on the screen in real time.


Weighing software (ShipBoard)


This software output weight value which is calculated by fitting output voltage difference between the reference balance and the weighing balance to the calibration curve file.
The output status of the weighing data can be displayed on the measuring screen in real time.
The methods for weighing calculation or determining condition for weight value can be selected.
Useful features are equipped such as tare function, print of weighing value or drag-and-drop to other general purpose applications.



Output data

  Calibration software (EdtClb.exe): Calibration file (*.clb)
  Weighing software (ShipBoard.exe):

Weighing history and the results [text data] (*.log)
Weighing results [binary data] (* .cal)
Digital raw data (* .raw) (It can be verified by post-processing software)


         Pirka       MilliPirka  Micro Pirka
 Maximum weight  200 g   40 g   2 g 
 Minimum display  0.1 mg  0. 1 μg   0. 1 μg
 Reproducibility  10 mg  1 mg         10 μg
 Repeatability  10 mg  1 mg         10 μg
 Minimum weight  10 mg   1 mg         10 μg
 Size of the dish  φ80 mm  φ80 mm             φ16 mm
 Stabilization time    30 sec ~(Depend on the situation of swaying)       
 Operating temperature range                                       5 ~ 40 ºC
 Supported OS  Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 10

Shipboard Electronic Balance System Pirka Catalog (PDF)