At present, it seems the economic circumstances around the ocean are more and more opaque, reflecting the unstable economic ways of the world. 

In these circumstances we believe that our raison d’etre will be recognized only by improving our own technology and by providing our clients and the market with most advanced technologies and services based on global marketing ability.

We always take the warning to heart that even the present up-dated technology is soon outdated just as soon as it is completed, but on the other hand, we also know that a high technology is not made overnight.  Through steady efforts and sharpening our five senses, we know we can catch in an instant flash the gleam of success.

As the speed of technology renovation is threateningly high in our business, if we are off-guard, in an instant, we may fall behind the times.  Recognizing this reality, we strive to create an environment for development of the most advanced technology; thus to give our clients the utmost satisfaction.  We are always ready to challenge severe ordeals around us.

By accumulating new technologies we will take a great leap forward, and we have no doubt in making our company strong and firm in our business.


           President and CEO

           Ocean High Technology Institute, Inc.

            Toshiaki UEKI