2024.05.09 We are participating in CSPI‐EXPO 2024 (Makuhari Messe, May 22-24).Visitor pre-registration form
2023.10.17 Underwater Sound Image Processing Software SoundingDiver8 released.
2023.11.07 We participated in The 35th Research Result Presentation on Japan Society for Marine Surveys and TechnologyTokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, November 7-8).
2023.10.04 The paper of "Acoustic estimation of ferromanganese crust exposure and sediment cover in a Northwest Pacific seamount using statistical analyses of shipboard multibeam acoustic data" published in Marine Georesources & Geotechnology.
2023.10.11 We participated in RISCON TOKYO 2023 (Tokyo Big Sight, October 11-13).
2023.09.13 Multibeam Data Processing Software MarineDiscovery13 released.
2023.08.18 Yono, development revision, will present "Noise Removal of Multibeam Echo Sounder Point Cloud Data Using Sparse Coding" at WRI17/AIG14 (Sendai International Center)
2023.07.28 We participated in Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO 2023 (Tokyo Big Sight, July 26-28).
2023.07.20 Ueki, CEO, received an award for meritorious service related to maritime affairs from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
2023.05.25 Kaji, technical revision, presented "Estimation of ferromanganese crust exposure and thickness of surface sediments using multibeam acoustic sonar and sub-bottom profiler" at JPGU2023 (Makuhari Messe, May 21-26).
2023.03.17 Imura and Yono, development revision, received the Hydrographic Technology Encouragement Award 2023 from the Japan Hydrographic Association by developing MSIL API.
2022.11.30 Multibeam Data Processing Software MarineDiscovery12 released.
2022.07.22 The paper of "Effectiveness of Neural Kriging for Three-Dimensional Modeling of Sparse and Strongly Biased Distribution of Geological Data with Application to Seafloor Hydrothermal Mineralizationpublished in Mathematical Geosciences. This paper is the result of research support on Neural Kriging for Prof. Koike of Kyoto University.
2022.06.29 Director Okada lectured in the symposium "Frontier of Mineral Exploration Technology" at The 71th Annual Meeting of the Society of Resource Geology
2022.05.25 We participated in  4th CSPI Expo (Makuhari Messe) with NIPPON KAIYO CO., LTD.
2022.05.19 Director Okada authored an article "Breakthrough technologies for mineral exploration" published online in Mineral Economics.
2022.04.20 The paper of "Super-Resolution and Feature Extraction for Ocean Bathymetric Maps Using Sparse Coding" published in Sensors. This paper is the result of joint research with JAMSTEC on sparse modeling of seafloor topography.
2021.12.09 Director Okada participated in the panel session "Marine Robotics and Deep Sea Mining (" at Techno-Ocean 2021. At the exhibition held at the same time, Furuno Electric cordially invited us to introduce our products at their booth.
At the exhibition held at the same time, Furuno Electric cordially invited us to introduce our products at their booth.
2021.10.13 Multibeam Data Processing Software MarineDiscovery11 released.
2021.05.12 We participated in  3rd CSPI Expo (Makuhari Messe).
2021.01.12 The cloud service for projection transformation OPTS has started.
2020.10.26 Multibeam Data Processing Software MarineDiscovery has released Version 10. Functions of Automation Processing and QC tools, etc. have been added.
2020.10.26 Sidescan Sonar Data Processing Software LampyridEye has released Version 8.
2019.11.28 We participated in 31th Conference of Japan Society for Marine Surveys and Technology
(Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology).
2019.08.30 Survey Support Software Mito-Oshie has been compatible with WASSP multibeam sonar.
2019.07.23 Ueki, CEO, received an award for meritorious service related to maritime affairs from the Kanto Regional Development Bureau, MLIT.
2019.05.07 LampyridEyeSoundingDiverVisual3DX has released Version 7.
2019.03.18 Yono, development revision, received the Hydrographic Technology Encouragement Award 2019 from the Japan Hydrographic Association by developing software YS SUPPORT.
2018.11.28 We participated in 30th Conference of Japan Society for Marine Surveys and Technology
(Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology).
2018.11.26 We participated in ISME-XV (Kyoto Univ.).
2018.10.25 We participated in Multibeam Fair 2018 / Technical Seminar for i-Construction (Yumenoshima Marina, Tokyo). 
2018.10.15 Multibeam Data Processing Software MarineDiscovery8 has been released. It is i-Construction Compliant for MLIT implementation guidelines, 2018.
2018.07 The survey data integration software OH-SDIS was published in the Association Report "海洋調査" No. 133, the JAPAN Marine Surveys Association.
2018.05.31 We participated in Oceans18  (Kobe).
2018.02.28 Multibeam Data Processing Software MarineDiscovery7 has been released.
2017.11.06 The Sounding Lidar extension added to Mito-Oshie. It is a function to seamlessly display and record data from Multibeam Sonar and Laser Scanner.
2017.08.29 Information page for Business Partners has been added.
2017.06.15 The ICT compliant functions are added in MarineDiscovery6.
2017.04.01  MarineDiscovery, LampyridEye, SoundingDiver,
Visual3DX has released Version 6.
2015.11.20 We participated in TOKYO Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2015  (Tokyo Big Sight, November 18 to 20).
2015.03.23 MarineDiscoveryLampyridEyeSoundingDiver,
SoundingDiverOnlineVisual3DX has released Version 5.
2014.11.28 Underwater Sound Data Acquisition Software SoundingDiverONLINE has released.
2014.11.28 Our website has been renewed.
2014.07.22 The head office was relocated.
2014.04.01 Multibeam Data Processing Software MarineDiscovery4 has released.
2014.04.01 Sidescan Sonar Data Processing Software LampyridEye4 has released.
2014.04.01 3D Geographic Visualization Software Visual3DX-4 has released.
2013.04.01 An Integrated Software Package for Sound Data Processing OHTI-SoundPro has released.
2013.02.03  Underwater Sound Image Processing Software SoundingDiver has released.
2012.09.13 The ISO27001 Certification has been obtained.
2012.04.01  The information security policies and quality policy have been established.
2011.01.04  MultibeamData Processing Software Marine Discovery 3 has released.
2010.11.15 Oil spill monitor Slick Sleuth SS300ADS (InterOceanSystems) has been started selling.
2010.09.19 Bathymetric 3D Image (Width 6 m) was exhibited at GeoSpatial Expo.
2009.09.01 Sidescan Sonar Data Processing Software LampyridEye has released. 
2009.05.01 MultibeamData Processing Software Marine Discovery has released.
2009.04.30 Sidescan Sonar Data Processing Software SSImage has released. 
2008.08.11 EchosounderData Acquisition Software DSC1206 has released. 
2008.07.14 OHTI became sole import agent for Oil spill monitor Slick Sleuth SS200ADS (InterOceanSystems).


1. Processing and analysis of Bathymetry and Geology of Undersea
   Analysis of Multibeam Sounding Data  
   Analysis and Classification of Seafloor Topography  
   Analysis of Undersea Geology  
   Digitization of Geographic Information  
2. Processing and Analysis of Oceanographic Data
   Analysis of Underwater Acoustic Data   
   Tidal Analysis  
3. Processing and Analysis of Earthquake / Crustal Data
   Processing and Analysis Seismic Wave Data  
   Visualization of Geological Distribution  
   Data conversion of Crustal Structure  
4. Product development of Oceanographic Data Processing / Analysis Software  
   Multi-beam Data Processing MD_32.png MarineDiscovery
   Side Scan Sonar Data Processing LampyridEye_32.png LampyridEye
   Sub-bottom Profiler Data Processing Seaprofile_32.png SeaProfile 
   Underwater Sound Image Processing SD_icon_32.png SoundingDiver  
   Survey Support SDONLINE_icon_32.png Mito Oshie
   3D Bathymetry Analysis Visual3DX_32.png Visual3DX
   Survey Data Management icon_visualweb_32.png OHTI Visual Web 

5. Design, Development, Management and Sale of Marine Survey Instruments

   Shipboard Electronic Balance ship2-32.png Pirka 
   Oil Detector slick_sleuth_logo_mini.jpg SS100・SS300
   Vibro Recorder  
6. Processing and Analysis of Satellite Image Data
   Lineament Analysis  
   Satellite Image Analysis