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Automation Processing

 About Marine Discovery Automation Processing

MD Automation Catalog (PDF)

Marine Discovery Automation Processing Function automatically corrects, analyzes, and denoises the data from multibeam echo sounder and creates several types of map.

You can set up the processing steps and parameters using the flowchart in advance.

It can simultaneously create maps from the file created by the recording software, so you can check the result while surveying on board.

With recording software for multibeam echo sounder such as our software Mito-Oshie,
Maps are automatically created from the recorded files, so you can check the results during surveying work on board.


 Features of MarineDiscovery Automation
  1. Labor saving by automatically performing processes such as data reading, various corrections, and noise removal.
  2. Maps can be created automatically according to the purpose




□Automatic processing
MD-automation automatically performs the entire process of reading survey data, correcting the data, removing noise with filters, and outputting the drawings.
Creating a flowchart
You can set up the processing steps as you need using the flowchart.
Configure parameters
You can set the suitable parameters for your echo sounder. It is also possible to load external files such as sound velocity files and tide level files.
  □Full processing function

Monitoring can be done whether the processing is done properly in each process of the flowchart.
It is also equipped with various filter functions and correction functions supported by Marine Discovery.


Automatic mapping

Creating maps
MD-automation automatically create maps (contour, track, etc.) The output images can be selected from bitmap, PDF, or PostScript.
Output the optimum maps according to the purpose
You can select to output individual maps or overlaid maps.
 ■Automatic Processing(10 x speed)