Technology for research in the ocean
 Analysis of underwater acoustic data obtained by multibeam echo sounders

The multibeam echo sounder (→research on the ocean floor) measures sound waves coming reflected from suspended solids in the water as well as from the seabed.

From underwater acoustic data,  suspended solids in water,  fish floating, and natural phenomena such as methane plume due to hydrothermal plume, methane hydrate due to hydrothermal deposit or cold seep can be detected.


■Products: SoundingDiverMitoOshie

We have developed the software series "SoundingDiver" which processes and analyzes underwater acoustic data obtained by multibeam echo sounders. The SoundingDiver can create underwater acoustic images from underwater acoustic data and display two or three-dimensional graphical images. The SoundingDiver has functions such as setting of the number of beams or color map of underwater acoustic image or extraction of underwater acoustic abnormality due to suspended solids.



Example of underwater acoustic image



Example of cold seep detection by Along Track cross section



Three-dimensional image of a wreck



Three-dimensional image of cold seep